Donna Wilson, Ph.D.

Dr. Donna Wilson, Ph.D., educational/school psychologist, former teacher, and teacher educator, is president and head of academic affairs at BrainSMART. She has led in the co-development of the Master of Science and Educational Specialist degrees with a Major in Brain-Based Teaching with Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Wilson is the former chair of the education department at the University of Detroit Mercy, where she co-developed a unique cohort and field-based master’s degree for teachers with a focus on cognition and motivation in diverse classrooms. She then co-led two important implementations: (1) an application of the BrainSMART® approach with two large school districts supported by an Annenberg Challenge Grant and (2) a three-year Florida Department of Education initiative using BrainSMART®, called Scholarships for Teachers in Action Research (STAR). Dr. Wilson and Dr. Conyers have presented at most large educational research and practice conferences in America.