BrainSMART® Professional Development

BrainSMART® exists to empower all learners with knowledge and skills for reaching reach more of their brain’s unique potential. 

BrainSMART® Teaching and Learning

We provide evidence-based, practical professional development support for nations, states, and school districts. We draw upon our 22 years of experience in researching, developing, and implementing professional learning opportunities with 160,000 educators reaching millions of learners worldwide. Our specific focus is on improving teaching and learning through our BrainSMART® programs for practical applications of the learning sciences. Most importantly, we share research and model practical strategies that can be learned and applied immediately through a variety of onsite and distance learning opportunities. To learn more, contact Donna Wilson, Ph.D., at

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BrainSMART® Leadership

One of the organization’s greatest assets is the focused brainpower of its people. When the human brain is in a positive and engaged state, productivity increases, creative problem-solving, and purposeful collaboration are enhanced, and higher levels of value can be created. This means that profitable growth can be better achieved. The BrainSMART® Leadership Program focuses on empowering executives with mindsets, skills, and knowledge for leading effectively with the brain in mind.

The program is grounded in Dr. Marcus Conyers’ four decades of global BrainSMART® Leadership experience with a focus on the application of relevant research from a range of fields, including behavioral economics, cognitive psychology, and neuroscience. To learn more contact,

 Innovating Minds®

A key to improving organizational performance and profitability is through the development of metacognitive, creative, and critical thinking skills and social-emotional competencies that drive innovation. We support clients with consulting and also through customizing Innovating Minds® professional learning programs developed through 30 years of research, development, and implementation on five continents. We provide delivery of these services through a variety of onsite and distance learning opportunities. To learn more, contact Marcus Conyers, Ph.D., at