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You Can Now Pre-Order the 2nd Edition of ‘Five Big Ideas’

Marcus Conyers and I are pleased to announce that the second edition of Five Big Ideas for Effective Teaching: Connecting Mind, Brain, and Education Research to Classroom Practice will be available April 10 from Teachers College Press.

This is the latest version of our bestselling book, designed to empower educators with an innovative and inspiring conceptual framework for effective teaching. The text is grounded in the synergy of five big ideas for connecting mind, brain, and education research to classroom practice: neuroplasticity, potential, malleable intelligence, the Body-Brain System, and metacognition.

The second edition has been expanded and updated to include new sections on social and emotional learning while also offering a firm foundation for implementing current rigorous standards. In writing the book, Marcus and I drew upon our experience working with tens of thousands of educators worldwide in focusing the book on practical application. We include essential ideas that are reinforced through vignettes, examples, inspirational stories from teachers, strategies, reflective questions, and current research on how people learn.

We’re encouraged by the early feedback and reviews we have received ahead of the book’s release. Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa, professor at the Harvard University Extension School and educational researcher at the Latin American Faculty for Social Science Research in Ecuador, calls Five Big Ideas for Effective Teaching “a wonderful synthesis of some of the most important and impactful concepts to come out of the learning sciences and into the classroom.” She adds that “Wilson and Conyers manage to weave a complex transdisciplinary vision of the teaching-learning dynamic into ‘five big ideas’ … while integrating thousands of tidbits of advice into the mix.”

Linda Rittner, professor emerita, educational sciences, foundations and research, University of Central Oklahoma, praised our book as “a solid introductory text for preservice teachers, as well as a ‘quick start’ for updating skills for veteran educators.” She also noted that “Wilson and Conyers provided an excellent, gentle entry into the modern learning sciences while promoting clear understanding of their importance and impact on contemporary learners.”

To preorder the book, visit the Teachers College Press website.

March 13, 2020
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