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Care For Yourself As You Care For and Teach Others

As another academic year begins, my mind is flooded with images of passionate and knowledgeable teachers we have met through the years. We feel grateful to have the privilege of getting to know you and to be able to continue to learn with many of you.

Something I read recently reminded me that one of many things that makes you so special is that you each possess a generous spirit of giving to the community, as you care about others even when you sometimes hear few voices of appreciation. The positive difference that you make in the lives of other people’s children is remarkable!

Knowing how stressful teaching can be today, I’d like to share links to our articles having to do with practicing self-care to help manage day-to-day stresses:

Positive Strategies to Avoid Stress, Anxiety and Burnout: This article describes how to avoid burnout through positive self-talk and self-reflection, managing your workload and embracing the little joys of teaching, among other strategies. (Click this link to read).

Feeding the Teacher’s Brain: Nutrition Tips for Busy Educators: This second of our articles offers a few tips for fueling our bodies with nutritious foods for high-energy teaching. (Click this link to read.)

Know that Marcus and I wish you and your students a joyful and productive year of teaching and learning!

September 11, 2019
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