BrainSMART® Consulting

BrainSMART exists to empower all learners with the knowledge and skills they need to reach more of their brain’s unique potential. 

University Programs

We support universities by researching, developing, and implementing undergraduate and graduate degree courses and programs grounded in practical application of the learning sciences. Specifically, we have 20 years expertise with building and growing highly-rated distance learning programs. To learn more contact, Donna Wilson, PhD at

K-12 Education

We provide consulting and professional development support for nations, states, and school districts. Our specific focus in improving leading, teaching, and learning through innovative application of the learning sciences. To learn more contact, Donna Wilson, PhD at

Improving Human Performance and Productivity

A key to improving organizational performance is the development of metacognitive, creative and critical thinking skills, and social-emotional competencies that drive human performance. We support clients with consulting and customized BrainSMART® and Innovating Minds®  professional learning programs developed through 30 years of research, development, and implementation on 5 continents. To learn more contact Marcus Conyers, PhD at