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Since 1998, we have been researching and applying our BrainSMART® programs for improving performance in the fields of health promotion, education, and business. We have partnered with institutions such as the Winter Park Health Foundation and Rollins College for health promotion initiatives, Florida Atlantic University (supported by an Annenberg Challenge Grant Award) to design teacher training, and Nova Southeastern University to develop NCATE-accredited graduate degree programs. Studies showing a positive impact [Read Studies] have been presented at AERA, AACTE, and the Implementation Science Conference at Cambridge University. We have worked with 160,000 leaders, trainers, and educators, reaching more than 2 million learners around the world.

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Professional Development

International presenter and best-selling author, Dr. Donna Wilson, will give your educators dynamic, research-based keynotes and professional development based on her many books and on graduate programs she has co-developed connecting the science of learning to the practice of teaching.

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